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Lesbian PenPals

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Lesbian Pen Pals
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I started this community because I wanted penpals, that I could relate to. It was hard to find penpals, that I was able to comfortably talk about fiance', and things I did for fun because my fiance's a woman, and yes, that characterizes me as a lesbian, but that's just a name, a category that I was placed in. And, I don't think a lot of people understand that, so I thought well, maybe their's others, that think like that too, that have a girlfriend, or fiance', and they enjoy having more friends, and being old-fashioned, sending letters to one another. If that described you any or at all, join this community, and get started with your rainbow letters.

1. Do not join this community, if you're not a lesbian or bisexual. If you support gays and lesbians, then feel free to join, but NO MEN.

2. Do NOT post your address in this community, trade addresses via e-mail or messanger. This is for safety reasons only.

3. No ignorance, insulting, or abusive language.

4. You must post an introduction, when joining this community, it can be as short as three lines, and as long as 3 pages. This is MANDATORY.

5. All pictures and long posts must be behind an lj-cut.

6. You may promote in this community, but only if it's behind an lj-cut.

7. No Spamming.

8. Have fun, mingle, and make penpals!



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